Friday, 24 March 2017

Organic Herbal Garments with Negative Ion Technology

Free radicals are everywhere around us and constantly damaging the healthy cells. To combat this, our body, needs a constant supply of antioxidants and hence, the negative ions.
Negative Ions & their Positive Health Benefits

The major role of antioxidants lies in stabilizing the highly reactive free radicals and reducing oxidation because the negative ions attract the positive ions, and eventually aid in neutralizing and removing them. Research indicates that exposure to negative ions is extremely essential. These are believed to enhance the utilization of oxygen, offer relief from stress, help improve our energy levels and enhance our focus, thus making us more alert.

Let’s look at how the negative ions actually succeed in providing these benefits –
Increased Stamina – The negative ions are known to improve the flow of blood to all organs in our body, thus providing each one of them, especially our heart, with ample oxygen content. This results in a much improved stamina and overall energy levels.

Stress Relief – The negative ions, when enter our body, tend to normalize the serotonin levels in our brain. This helps in elevating our mood, thus working as a natural anti-depressant for us.
Mental Strength – Those who are constantly exposed to a good amount of negative ions tend to be mentally much stronger. This is because the negative ions regulate the oxygen utilization in our body, and send sufficient amount to our brain. Since they also regulate the serotonin levels in brain, our brain tends to perform in a more active and alert manner.

Cell Rejuvenation –As the negative ions have a special ability to stabilize the free radicals in our body, thus preventing them from damaging theDNA, and our cellular structure on the whole. Therefore, in addition to ensuring that we consume a diet rich on antioxidants, the more we expose ourselves to negative ions, the more are the chances for us to lead a healthy, disease free life!
Organic Herbal Garments – An Excellent Source of Negative Ions

Owing to the use of medicinal herbs and plant extracts in manufacturing and dyeing, the organic herbal garments have a variety of health benefits to offer. When worn, these clothes get in touch with our skin and pass along the health-giving assets. These organic herbal garments also come charged with negative ions which eventually get passed onto our body and render us with a variety of self-healing merits. Acquiring these negative ions promotes blood circulation in our body, enhances our metabolism, and ease pain, besides boosting up our immune system and what not. At the same time, they also prevent the positive ions from the environment and surroundings to come in contact with our skin.

Advantage Nature, Joy of Life garments which are organic herbal wear that savour in the merits of negative ions generation and essentially provide benefits of stress relief, increased stamina, cell rejuvenation and mental strength faculties.

Written by : Dr sonica krishan.

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