Thursday 16 August 2018

Enliven is cost effective, green, truly sustainable value-addition for Mobiltech- technical textiles for automobiles, shipping, railways and aerospace

The upholstery of Automobiles, Railways, Aircrafts & Ships are often used by a large number of different people who use it time & again under harsh & deteriorating climatic conditions due to global warming effects, coming from vast backgrounds, locations and hygiene standards, carrying different kinds of bacteria & fungi, sweat & body odour and many times themselves suffering from different kinds of infections or ailments and these textile products are also prone to airborne pathogens.; which contaminate the Seat Covers and other upholstery items.

‘Joy of Life’, has come up with a revolutionary concept that caters to the usual cloth-based needs of various industries, only with a difference. ‘Enliven’ a mixture of neem, tulsi, pine needles & other healing herbs extracts which are on USFDA GRAS list and are scientifically proven to have anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-odour, anti-oxidant, insects & mosquito repellent properties; adding hygiene, skin-fortifying & wellness function to Apparels & all kinds of Technical Textile products!
This concept involves treating the specialized cloth material, often customized as per the needs of the client using low carbon footprint, green, patented technology in USA, Europe & India and many more pending globally. Meditech, Hometech, Protech, Sportech and Mobiltech are some of the numerous verticals of the same encompassing for imparting hygiene & wellness function for all kinds of attires and technical textile products. 
Mobiltech, as the name suggests, is basically assortment of technical textiles for automobiles, shipping, railways and aerospace. Under this vertical, the cloth material for various textile based requirements of the mobiltech is provided with the safest and one-of-its-kind hygiene, wellness and infection-control function. Enliven which excellently imparts hygiene & wellness function, also has the ability to disinfect the fabric and make it safe, infection-free and absolutely hygienic for use.  It will also drastically reduce the chances of Disease Transmission and improves the life & durability of the textiles in a truly sustainable manner without using any toxic or hazardous chemicals.
Joy of Life has state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing setup is in the very green & serene environment of Himalayas in Dev-bhumi Himachal Pradesh, India. Original, first of its kind, hygiene & infection control function for textiles is produced from completely biodegradable and renewable resources hence, absolutely eco-friendly. The cloth is provided with hygiene, skin-fortifying & wellness imparting purpose by Enliven, established after years of R&D in the labs of IIT Delhi, Himachal Pradesh University and the leading Textile Companies of India. It is this authentic treatment and herbal finishing of the textiles and apparels which infuses the quality of some selective and highly medicinal herbs like of neem, tulsi, pine needles & other healing herbs extract right into the core of the fabrics. Cloth thus produced ranks high on health, hygiene, comfort, durability as well as cost effectiveness. Also, it does no harm to the nature, while bringing loads of goodness and wellbeing to the end user. We have a truly sustainable, zero waste & low carbon footprint business model wherein we use only bio-degradable & renewable biotic raw material and shall also be earning carbon credits for the same
Owing to an increasingly growing user demand and a revolutionary concept to reckon with, the manufacturers in the mobiltech sector have proactively shown keen interest for our specialised innovative cure for fabrics, which are scientifically proven to have gained excellent anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-odour, anti-oxidant, insects & mosquito repellent properties
Joy of Life has a world class technical team in this domain which is continuously researching & developing innovative bio-material by bio-engineering herbs with scientifically proven hygiene function features in its endeavour & focus to have superiority over competitors & new innovative products development to capably help withstand the design, aesthetics and durability of the fabrics in order to meet the ever improving look and feel of the interiors of mobiltech industry 
Our revolutionary product Enliven treated textiles are bringing a dramatic change in the quality of fabrics being used, not only in the mobiltech industry, but also other diligence such as healthcare, hospitality, homeware, furniture and furnishing, etc. This initiative holds promise, since the demand for good quality, hygienic, health friendly and cost effective, green, truly sustainable value-additions for textiles is ever growing in the current scenario of the world.  
Written by : Dr sonica krishan 

Thursday 26 July 2018


Global warming, rising pollution and various other environmental hazards have brought about a host of health complications, especially those pertaining to the skin. Allergies, rashes, infections etc. are some common skin conditions which people worldwide are complaining more and more about. And these only can be controlled to a great extent if we ensure safety and hygiene furthermore as far as the apparels we wear and the fabrics we use in routine life.

Keeping this in mind, Joy of Life has come up with a ground-breaking innovation called Enliven, for imparting hygiene and wellness function in all kinds of apparels and technical textile products
At Joy of Life, we offer you the unsurpassed and truly sustainable hygiene function with unique and superior characteristics having excellent commercial practicality as well as potential. Fundamentally, we provide the safest and one-of-its-kind hygiene, wellness and infection-control function to a wide variety of technical textiles. Our technology has the ability to sanitize the fabrics, and make them safe, infection-free and absolutely hygienic for use. Various industries, such as those in the area of healthcare, homeware and furnishing, automobile, etc. are making successful use of our innovative technology. 
Hometech refers to Home Textiles and forms one of the essential verticals of technical textiles. As the name suggests, Hometech applies our innovative concept to textiles that are designed and manufactured especially for home usage, such as carpets, blinds, pillows and mattresses stuffed toys, furniture upholstery, stuffed toys, etc. The range of applications continues to expand as the concept of technical textiles in homeware is beginning to catch up among brands. Even Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) filters and non-woven wipes, etc. are being incorporated among the wide range of products being catered to by means of our innovative concept. 
Catering to hometech, you can definitely rely on us for disinfecting and adding hygiene functions in all kinds of textile products. Enliven incorporates essential herbals that are primarily Neem, Pine Needles, Tulsi & other healing herbs and makes your textile safe & effective in this categoryOur R&D involves a careful selection of herbs that have skin-fortifying properties and are especially known for an overall wellbeing. Neem and tulsi, for example, are two of the most commonly used herbs that promote both health as well as hygiene. Neem is one herb which has long been known for its unparalleled range of therapeutic properties. The Ayurveda system of medication and well-being absolutely swears by the immense benefits of this herb, as well as that of tulsi, also known as the Holy Basil. 
At Hometech, these herbs are then bio-engineered so as to make them suitable for applications in various areas such as home-use textiles, variety of apparels and daily - use products. Our services through Enliven, therefore, allows the infusion of these natural herbs providing fragrance, freshness as well as hygiene, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties deep into these textile
We believe in constantly observing the varying needs, concerns, and desires of our customers in the area of herbal, aseptic and natural finishing to the products, along with the global trends. That allows us to not only deliver exactly what is required, but do that by means that are absolutely hygiene fortifying and supporting. In fact, our deep concern for health and environment is precisely what makes our business model rank high on sustainability standards, and delivers on its promise of low carbon footprint and zero waste. The same also allows us to earn credit points for our manufacturing process, and gives our services an excellent commercial potential and viability. 
The concept of hygiene function is promising and has the full potential of becoming the next big thing in apparel and textile industry. It is a safe and effective alternative to those synthetically produced fabrics used not only in the home textiles, but practically in every segment of technical textile industry!

Wednesday 27 June 2018

Enliven for Meditech Textiles

Meditech includes textile materials used in hygiene, health, personal care, surgical applications. The use of Meditech textiles is desirable for a number of reasons like safety, cleaner environment, better hygiene and healthcare, sustainable infrastructure etc. Healthcare and hygiene textile materials are mainly used for protection from infections in hospital environment. They are used either in the operation theatre or in the hospital wards only for hygiene, care and safety of the staff and patients.

Hygiene has become the priority in textiles as they are termed as the ‘second skin’ and are closest to the human body. No wonder why the medical textiles, therefore, are enthusiastically being used and incorporated by various brands into their up-and-coming range of healthcare products, such as:  
  • Everyday hospital linen and staff uniform, such as masks and aprons, which have a possibility of spreading infection by coming in direct or indirect contact with patients.
  • surgical dressing material which include various types of bandages such as adhesive and non-adhesive, gauge packs, surgical pads and several disposables etc.
  • various surgically implantable materials used for repair, replacement or closure such as sutures, vascular grafts, artificial joints and ligaments, supports, etc. 
  • extra-corporeal devices such as artificial designing of some vital human organs, which may include kidney, lung, liver, etc. 
  • comfortable and snug-fitting baby diapers, incontinence diapers, sanitary napkins etc. using super absorbent polymer, in order to prevent the growth of bacteria and fluid leakage, thus ensuring complete dryness in that region.  
One-of-a-kind initiative undertaken by Joy of Life isEnliven- a decoction of neem, tulsi & other healing herbs, which are scientifically proven to have anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-odour, anti-oxidant, insects & mosquito repellent properties; adding hygiene, skin-fortifying & wellness function to all textile products”. 
The textile products manufactured with this green, herbal, truly sustainable, technology for hygiene function especially take into consideration the needs and requirements of the healthcare industry, where hygiene & safety remains a prime concern. Enliven is non-toxic, 100% herbal, anti-microbial with hygiene & wellness function, without disturbing the growth of healthy bacteria and also minimize the exposure of toxic chemical dyes on our skin as it creates coating of healing herbs on the surface of the textiles, made from renewable & biodegradable healing herbs having minimal impact on mother nature while the end-user enjoys a host of benefits owing to the presence of herbal extracts. 
The main concern behind their introduction, therefore, is the need for health and hygiene in the world of medicine, since both go hand-in-hands. That is precisely where the role of healing herbs, such as neem and tulsi, comes into play. These herbs, since time immemorial, have been known to provide immense health benefits owing to their disease preventing as well as skin-fortifying properties.
On the other hand, the currently prevalent synthetically produced anti-microbial agents or organometallics for hygiene function are considered toxic and unsafe for humankind and the mother earth in the long run.
The Enliven concept of herbal, green technology for textiles makes use of carefully chosen herbal extracts, by infusing and bonding them deep into the fabrics/ textile productsthus increasing their hygiene & wellness quotient. Apart from that, these healthcare fabrics/ textile products also lend to the end user their anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal and anti-odour properties. Other than eliminating the chances of infection, these offer great comfort and freshness. Being naturally produced, they are extremely durable and have a rather long shelf life. All these benefits together offer great economic value to the users, along with a sense of satisfaction that they are giving something back to the nature. 
Healthcare, as we all know, is one industry which remains one of the largest consumers of fabrics, and the concern for health and hygiene remains a 24X7 priority here.  Enliven for Meditech Textiles, henceforth, has come to become one such ground-breaking technology that can practically be inculcated in almost all kinds of fabrics being used in the healthcare industry. 
Written by: Dr. Sonica Krishan

Wednesday 23 May 2018

Joy of Life, World’s best Inner Wear

Innerwears are clothing items worn beneath outer clothes, usually in direct contact with the skin, although these may comprise more than a single layer. The innerwear serves to keep outer garments from being soiled or damaged by bodily excretions, to lessen the friction of outerwear against the skin, to shape the body, and to provide cover-up or support for parts of it.

There are several innerwear brands world-over known for their comfort, fit & quality but most of these brands use toxic & hazardous chemical dyes and synthetic raw material - So, are they really hygienic & safe…?

Joy of Life has come up with a solution, using a unique form of green patented technology in US, Europe as well as in India, our wide and versatile range of organic herbal garments have been designed and developed very intricately and innovatively in collaboration with IIT Delhi, keeping a variety of environmental factors as well as user requirements in mind. Infused with therapeutically rich herbs and plant extracts, these garments have inherent Anti-microbial, Anti-odour, Anti-fungal, Anti-oxidant, UV Protection, Hygiene and Skin Fortifying properties, both immediate as well as long term.

To begin with, these garments are absolutely and inherently organic in nature made of Certified Organic Cotton. Instead of using toxic, chemical dyes which are incredibly hazardous to the health, these are dyed 100% naturally using medicinal herbs and plants, which is precisely what renders these garments with inherent Anti-microbial, Anti-odour, Anti-fungal, Anti-oxidant, UV Protection, Hygiene and Skin Fortifying properties; which allow the user to feel the goodness as well as freshness of the herbs which the garments have been infused with.

This organic herbal innerwear offers not only absolute comfort and luxury to the wearer, but also helps harmonize the mind, body and soul. They are infused with the sheer goodness of various Ayurveda herbs such as Neem, Tulsi, Apple Cider Vinegar, etc. that intricately promise protection against various microbes, besides regulating moisture in and around the sensitive areas of our skin. There is little wonder as to why they are increasingly becoming quite a rage among health conscious and comfort seeking people all over the world. Here’s having a look at some of the available categories:

Men’s Vests and Briefs – For a long day out and hectic working hours, these anti-microbial, anti-odour super soft innerwear never fail to look after the comfort and flexibility requirements of the wearer.

Innerwear for Women – These have been specifically designed keeping in mind the requirements of the modern woman. Their processing and dyeing is done using a concoction or infusion of therapeutic plants and herbal extract which greatly helps fortifying the sensitive skin from the inside out, delivering comfort, hygiene and freshness that lasts extensively for much longer stretch of time.

Comfort Innerwear for Kids – The skin of the little ones tends to be naturally more sensitive and needs extra protection. Henceforth, we have designed an exclusive range of herbal innerwear for the kids without any harmful & toxic chemical dyes. They are very comfortable for the children, offer additional care as well as address the various health concerns of their parents.

Moreover, we have also come up with an exclusive yet stylish range of Night Wear, Yoga Wear, Maternity wear, etc.

These organically produced garments are known to leave behind a much less carbon footprint, are truly sustainable for the Mother Nature, and absolutely non-toxic to the user as well as the people involved in the manufacturing process. At the same time, these innerwears also enhance the overall wellbeing of the person wearing them on a regular basis. They offer an ultra-soft waist band and give the wearer a super comfortable fit. Given all these benefits, these garments are available at a pretty reasonable cost and are therefore extremely affordable. So how about giving that regular, run-of-the-mill innerwear a good bye, and changing into the secret joy of comfort. Because Comfort Inside, is Carefree Outside!

By Dr. Sonica Krishan

Tuesday 1 May 2018

  Joy of Life introduces, Enliven- an ideal value-addition for Khadi Clothing!

 Enliven- an ideal value-addition for Khadi Clothing

Khadi, the well-known and vastly worn India’s fabric has no doubt grown as part of our identity and as conclusive signature attire. Ever since the ‘Khadi’ essence came into being as Gandhiji promoted simplicity as social etiquette, khadi rapidly emerged and has very well propagated as Nation’s fabric. And while we live the attitude of wearing the hand-woven and hand-spun fabric, which is intricately spun into yarn on a spinning wheel called Charkha, we along with the whole world are awed by the versatility and authenticity this fabric holds! And steadily as the Khadi garment finds its way to designer boutiques and elite cognizance where ecofriendly and organic clothing brands have eventually provoked the basic understanding of being environmentally responsible in apparel selection; it makes all sense to be incorporating natural herbs into the fabric for sustained wellness merits.   

Joy of Lifehas developed Enliven- a Green, Low Carbon Footprint, Truly Sustainable, Patented Technology (USA, Europe & India) after years of R&D, tested to perfection in Technical collaboration with IIT Delhi (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi). Enliven is a decoction of Neem, Tulsi & other healing herbs, which are scientifically proven to have Anti-microbial, Anti-fungal, Anti-odour, Anti-oxidant, Insects & Mosquito Repellent properties; which are deeply infused & bonded into the fibres using cross linking bio-polymer adding Hygiene, Skin-fortifying & Wellness Function to all your Textile Products! 
The Ayurveda counsels:
Neem as Sarva roga nivarini, which means “one that prevents all ailments”. 
The holy herb ‘Tulsi’– an elixir of life, which means a herb with numerous healing powers.
Enliven offers the perfect solution
  • Eliminates exposure to toxic chemical dyes on our skin as it creates a coating of healing herbs on the surface of the textiles
  • Enhances body’s natural resistance & healing powers effortlessly
  • Have active anti-microbial protection 24x7
  • Mosquitoes & Insects Repellent
  • Controls Body –odour
  • Antioxidant Advantage protects skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells.
  • Enliven is the safest Hygiene Solution for Mankind & the our Planet

Khadi has always been a fabric with immense outlook, which is now also becoming a fashion statement to create your own unique styles and providing yourself the all-natural feel. The application of Enliven with enormous healing power is therefore certain to take the khadi culture to an all new level with the imbibing of a concept called 'Herbal Khadi Fabrics'. The khadi textiles made from all kinds of raw materials such as of cotton, silk and wool would be substantially enhanced with natural charisma and health assurance, once these fabrics are being infused with healing herbs. This way a coating of these healing herbs is formed over the textiles substrates, the fabrics get instilled with all the natural goodness of the herbs, and the benefits remain intact. Now, when these super soft, comfy and naturally-processed fabrics come in contact with our skin, the largest organ of our body, health gains are unsurpassable. Whereas it is not recommended to wear the chemically dyed garments on a regular basis, the herbal coated garments gently cling to the skin in the softest and most harmless manner possible, allowing it to breathe, and take in the goodness of herbs, all at the same time!  
Written by: Dr. Sonica Krishan, Ayurveda Consultant, Author & Speaker