Sunday 27 November 2016

Joy of Life Ayurveda Herbal Organic Garments with Mosquito Repellent Effect!

The organic garments with distinctive herbal dying can go a long way in preventing and protecting you from the mosquito bites and the organic garments stimulated with Ayurveda herbs like Neem and Tulsi deliver great help as a valid protection shield!

What could be a better way of protecting yourself and your family from the strident and deadly mosquito bites which are the carriers of deadly diseases, than covering your body with Joy of Life Ayurveda organic herbal garments processed with natural herbs to keep the mosquitoes and all the threatening diseases like dengue, malaria, Chikungunya etc at bay? With complete faith in all Ayurvedic therapy and traditionally proven methods and of course ‘Dadimaa ke nuskhe’. Moreover, there can’t be a more beautiful option for using these micro green herbal organic garments to keep our babies safe from not only the mosquitoes but also absolutely safe from the chemicals that come packaged in the mosquito repellent aids.

Organic garments fortified with extracts from the natural herbs not only make the garment exceedingly health friendly, yet the overall enhanced aroma is challenging for mosquitoes to breathe in and interestingly makes them unable to bite on your skin! Joy ofLife Ayurveda herbal garments are well packed with the most common herbs along with their medicinal advantage and also these act as an agent of mosquito repellents as portrayed in the Ayurvedic arrangement. As we understand it today, herbal organic clothing can be more commonly translated into the process of chemical-free organic dyeing of clothes using Ayurvedic herbs. And while we are at this, let’s point out how today’s most threatening mosquito bites can be set off by simply fortifying clothes with the natural herbs like Neem, Tulsi and Turmeric.

Neem has the potency to kill bacteria, fungi, or any kind of virus which affects your skin. Not only this, Neem has characteristic aroma which naturally wards off the mosquitoes. Also, Neem has been a traditional saviour against various skin disorders and a natural and chemical free repellent for insect bites and mosquitoes. Joy of Life Ayurvedic organic herbal garments processed with the herbal decoction of Neem & Tulsi extracts are indeed need of today’s times when we are often fighting the mosquito menace.

Also, consider the natural insecticidal properties of Tulsi or the Basil leaves which attract less attention from the mosquitoes. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties mark its efficient use as fungicide, pesticide and insecticide. The organic garments with herbal dyeing using the essence of Tulsi leaves is also something that you would need to keep the mosquitoes away. Scientifically, this very useful herb has long-lasting anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties. Tulsi or Holy Basil can be used effectively as it possesses both antiseptic and mosquito-repellent properties. Leaves of the herb and its extracts used in herbal dying can act as effective mosquito repellent especially when the same is being used in Joy of Life Ayurvedic herbal organic garments with the odour of the natural herb.

Another natural herb used in Joy of Life Ayurveda herbal organic garments is Turmeric. This was most anciently used in the robes of Buddhist monks and nuns, named after a brown or saffron dye, or in Bangladeshi saree. This dye fabric which is very well used in the Joy of Life Ayurveda herbal organic garments has natural antiseptic properties which keep the mosquitoes away. Ayurveda also counsels that the pungent extract of the herb of turmeric is ideal for mosquito repellence.

Written by : Dr. sonica Krishan

Wednesday 23 November 2016

How Organic Herbal Garments help in Relieving Pollution Effects

When we are living in stringent environmental issues of taking in polluted air and are ever so often hazed by smog like discrepancies, it makes all sense to earnestly take to eco-friendly and organic apparel and inner wear made from the fabric that is well treated with medicinal herbs. Not only these garments tend to leave worthy impact of relief from these woes, yet at the same time signs of remedial advantage that are attained from the same would help overcome the apprehension of being rather vulnerable. 

Well, talking about the pollution exposures, the good news is that the negative effects that the pollution would be leaving on our systems can by and large be moderated by including some naturally available herbs such as tulsi, neem, apple cider vinegar, fenugreek seeds and myrobalan etc. both in our diet and also in the fabric that we drape the whole day long. Joy of Life garments are prepared from the textile material that is treated with the healing and sanitizing herbs of Tulsi, Neem and Apple Cider Vinegar alongside other healing herbs and these garments remarkably help in preventing the problems caused by the minute particles of the air pollutants. Thus, so as to safeguard your skin, it is suggested that you may take to the Joy of Life garments manufactured from the organic fibres which is treated with the herbs and keep safe! Both Tulsi, Neem and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) are great support in keeping away the pollution consequences. 

 Tulsi or Holy Basil extracts work as effective sources of healing a number of health issues. Estragole, an active ingredient of this herb, is especially known to curb the health problems brought along by drawing in the polluted air.  Neem as such, play a vital role in maintaining the much-needed balance of oxygen and CO2 in the air. Neem tree, however, plays particularly significant role by acting as a natural filter and absorbing particles of harmful pollutants present in the air, especially the SO2, thus making the air for us. Thus it makes all sense to be imbibing the natural goodness of Neem both internally and externally on the skin as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar acts as a powerful detoxifying and purifying agent helps breaks down the thick mucus phlegm deposits within the body. Its capacity of thinning and oxidizing the blood helps in controlling the high blood pressure hence minimizing the chances of heart stroke. Another magnificent advantage of ACV is that being rich in acetic acid; it helps to maintain the body’s pH level, both externally as well as internally. Thus, Joy of Life Lifestyle Wellness Garments helps in minimising the ill effects of pollutants in the air on our Skin, the largest organ of a human body.

The natural herbs of Tulsi, Neem and ACV are well amalgamated with the organic garments processed in-house by Joy of Life, in its entire range of garments. And as we so frequently face the dilemma of pollution hazards, they do offer remedial as well as preventive upshot for the healthiness of ours and our loved ones!

Written by: Dr Sonica krishan

Thursday 17 November 2016

Joy of Life, Organic Herbal Wellness Garments helps in evading Pollution Hazards.

Although fashion and fabric go hand in hand, yet when the concern weaves around immediate concerns of health and wellness, it only leaves us to be all the more sceptical about anything and everything that virtually touches our body.  The latest and high scare hazard is pollution in the air which is on the rise, everywhere around us, and so are the vulnerabilities associated with it. The potential damage that these pollutants such as carbon monoxide, lead, sulphur dioxide, etc. can cause to our health, especially to the lungs, liver and the skin, is a serious and growing cause for concern. Over a period of time, they can cause a serious damage such as fibrosis, lung cancer and sometimes even a complete organ failure. Other problems might include infections in the respiratory tract, chronic bronchitis, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, skin allergies etc. Prevention, therefore, forms a major part of the cure and as far as possible; it is recommended to keep away from exposing ourselves to the pollution agents. But just how far can that this be prevented? Other than popping in the herbs internally, it makes all sense that we try and indulge in anointing our skin with the organic garments much in lieu with natural herbs. Joy of Life garments and inner wear brilliantly offers solution to these pollution agents owing to the active ingredients of Tulsi, Neem and Apple Cider Vinegar (Malic Acid) etc. finely blended in the garment fabric. The eco-friendly and green technology being used sparingly to treat the fabric 
Both Preventive and Curative Support!
Pollutant Emissions

Not foregoing the incredible healthcare benefits which provide not just curative, but preventive support as well. This is because these herb-infused and herb-dyed organic fabrics greatly help to ward off the potential, and some very serious, side effects of drawing in the polluted air, right through pores of the skin. With the active ingredients present in the skin friendly herbs of Neem, Tulsi and Apple Cider Vinegar (Malic Acid) renders therapeutic effect as and when the natural herbs touching the skin are significantly absorbed through the minute apertures on the skin. Whereas Joy of Life garments claims preventive upshot that keep you potentially free from the hazards of synthetic chemicals, artificial detergents and the environmental pollution, yet the restorative and curative assistance imbibed in the herbal treated material only authenticates the encouraging impact of safeguarding us from the discrepancies of the ongoing pollution menace. 

Written by: Dr Sonica Krishan

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Joy of Life – Incorporating Natural Herbs in Organic Clothing

Hailing from close conjugation with Ayurveda, the oldest healing system of India, Organic Clothing, the herbal clothing creation from Joy of Life offers unsurpassed luxury, comfort and healthcare provision. When Joy of Life garments embrace the goodness of Ayurveda, this certainly envisions the use of clothing as a medium of healing. This is because when the body comes into contact with our organic clothes that have medicinal herbs infused into the fabric, the body tends to lose toxins and inevitably increases metabolism not only to prevent a number of diseases, but largely to stimulate overall wellbeing. 
Organic Herbal Garments: Joy of Life.

Joy of Life Organic Clothing is akin to the ancient Ayur- Vastra which is a Sanskrit term derived from the two words Ayur meaning Life and Vastra that means Clothing, thus put together when the healing goodness of Ayurveda binds into organic clothes, then the Organic Clothing that is produced expresses ‘Life Clothing’. Considering skin is the largest human organ that forms a protective shield for the entire body and acts as a barrier or resistance to external impurities, it needs all the more rationality to think twice before considering the garment for yourself and for the entire family. Organic Clothing improves the skin’s ability to resist environmental toxins, thus improving the wearer’s holistic health. A time-honored herbal conduct, Joy of Life Organic Clothing is an alternative for harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes used in textile industry.

Our organic garments, a product of ‘Advantage Organic Naturals Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’ are made from organic cotton fabrics which is infused with medicinal herbs that have healing properties and thus aids in preventing as well as providing remedial medium for various diseases like skin infections, various forms of cancer, psoriasis, asthma etc. Joy of Life Organic Clothing is carefully engineered in the process with 100% organic cotton that is completely hand loomed with zero chemical inputs  to prepare the cotton fibers for spinning and weaving. These organic cotton yarns are then dyed in combination with suitable herbal dyes which can be either simply skin friendly and provide a protective cover that enables immunity boost, or else provide beneficial synergy depending upon the disease or ailment being experienced. Joy of Life Organic Clothing is infused with combinations of different medicinal herbs like Neem, Tulsi, Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera etc. which are loaded with various healing properties which are released into the body, once the fabric is worn. For example, if we are looking at a fabric for sensitive skin that which safeguards from skin infections, then we can use the one that has been dyed with Neem. Also, in order to support a normal respiratory function and achieve an optimum health, fabrics infused with Tulsi are recommended. The fabrics dyed in the natural herb of turmeric are best worn for preventing problems such as arthritis and muscle pains.

Organic Clothing can be worn anytime such as sleeping, relaxing, exercising, during meditation or yoga, when our body is trying to heal itself naturally and maintain balance. While Organic Clothing has maximum benefits to offer, the Joy of Life garments are at their natural best. These Organic Herbal Clothes are extremely gentle to the skin and come in lovely natural and pastel colors. Long before the textile industry was industrialized, Organic Clothing was practiced in India, as a means of Ayurvedic advantages. The age-old concept has now revived and the sale of these garments has largely surged, with demands coming in from all across the world. No wonder why Joy of Life Organic Herbal Clothing may be rightly addressed as ‘a fabric that is inspired by the past, made for the future’.

Written by: Dr Sonica Krishan

Saturday 12 November 2016

The Positive Impact of “Joy of Life Organic Herbal Garments” on Health

Joy of Life Organic Clothes is essentially prepared by treating the organic cotton garments with the goodness of Ayurveda herbs like Tulsi and Neem alongside other Herbal Dyes. When our body comes into contact with the organic herbal clothes that have micro-encapsulated medicinal herbs, flowers, roots & barks infused into the garments; the body loses toxins, thus increasing metabolism to provide preventive cover from many diseases as well as stimulates the state of overall wellbeing.

Joy of  Life - Organic Herbal Garments in India.

When we consider the substantial effect of natural garments on health, we also need to understand a fact as in the case of indulging in consistent work-out sessions which is universally acknowledged lifestyle as an imperative need for health gain. It provides the needed immune boost as well as strengthens the entire body, and we are surely aware of this concept and deem serious in undertaking everyday exercises, yet there is a loophole that has to be brought to mind. It often goes un-noticed that as we sweat in the process, the minute pores on the skin open up and if we are wearing chemically treated garments , this makes us all the more susceptible to the external toxins which tend to enter our body through the skin. This means that the chic yoga, aerobics and workout clothes are doing more harm than good and the health practices are leaving us not-so-healthy. Well, so making the right choice of the garment texture while indulging in work-outs is so needed! These garments, a product of ‘Advantage Organic Naturals Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’ which is world’s first range of garments designed to improve your physical, mental and spiritual health, inevitably protect from a wide variety of ailments. Our Ayurveda herbs-fortified garments deliver shielding safeguard from diseases like Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Diabetes Mellitus, Asthma, Infertility, Libido, Infectious Diseases, Blood Pressure, Cardiac problems and even some forms of cancer. Also, the active ingredients used in the Ayurveda fortified garments penetrate into the blood stream through the skin and thus aid in eradicating the blood impurities, reducing mental tension, fatigue, insomnia, consequently leading to a healthy and radiant skin texture and overall feel of wellbeing.

The concept behind the Joy of Life- Lifestyle Wellness Clothing is based on the age old principles of natural healing by touch. Skin being the largest organ in the body is exposed to various friendly as well as unfriendly substances, all through the day and also during the night as well. It is believed that our body absorbs almost 60% of what our skin comes in contact with, and it takes only fifteen minutes for these foreign bodies to enter our body and the bloodstream. Since our apparel is something that is constantly being brushed against our skin, it plays a major role in deciding what enters our body. Synthetic garments contain various harmful chemicals which often get absorbed by our skin and eventually lead to various problems such as skin infections, asthma, allergies, rashes, diabetes etc. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, the organic herbal garments are 100% natural which makes them gentle to the skin and completely non-allergic. Once the garment embraces our skin, the soothing fabric offers some immense healing benefits. Combinations of various medicinal herbs and plants such as neem, tulsi, turmeric, catechu etc. are induced into them during their processing and dyeing. Their natural healing properties help boost the immune system of our body and additionally allow balancing the Chakras.

Joy of Life Organic Garment is made 100% naturally and organically with some of the best available medicinal herbs around. This healthcare supportive blend of Ayurveda offers organic clothing with herbal ingredients for the overall wellbeing of our body as well as mind. Some other benefits of wearing organic herbal clothing are that compared to conventional clothing; the organic herbal fabric is softer and thus best suited for the sensitive and developing skin of a baby.  Also, organic herbal fabrics have a pleasant odour and they come in lovely, natural colours of the herbs that have been used in making them. 

Clinical Studies by the researchers in the Department of Pharmacology at the Government Ayurveda College, Kerala, on 40 patients on the Ayurvedic herbal garments and their effect in humans, indicated positive results.

Written by : Dr Sonica Krishan

Saturday 5 November 2016

Joy of Life supports Green Technology in Organic Herbal Garments Manufacturing

Improve Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health. 
Global warming is playing a vital role in intensifying the overall  temperature of the earth's atmosphere. World over we are dealing with unusually extreme temperatures; and it is about time that we counter this phenomenon with all possible and sustainable efforts. Manufacturing organic garments is an evolving practice that helps in limiting pollution which aggravates this mammoth natural occurrence. Joy of Life has taken a noteworthy step in the grey area of textiles Dyeing & Processing. Adopting environment friendly initiatives targeted at energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste recycling, and other green technologies is proving to be highly supportive to  reduce the occurrence of carbon release. Whereas these garment which are essentially a produce of organic farming, are essentially natural and non-synthetic and their processing using only Natural/Herbal ingredients minimizes the pollution. Also as the ecological balance radiates sustainability and lenience, these organic fibers are all the more conferring long lasting green and environmentally friendly assets.

The eco-friendly green initiative which is delivered by the organic farming and green technology used efficiently by Joy of Life in manufacturing Organic wellness garments, is highly supportive ingenuity with the low carbon foot prints mainly offering added advantage towards green living. This process of organic farming that is being used meticulously using the natural herbs that are free from pesticides and chemicals is not only environment-friendly, but also acts as a catalyst for preventing your skin from the most common bacterial attacks. By wearing the medicinal properties of the natural Ayurvedic herbs like Tulsi, Neem, Turmeric, Manjishtha etc; invariably get released to the body, and support our natural immunity to protect from external infections. Such natural herbal fabrics possess anti-allergic, anti-microbial and antiseptic properties, while also aiding transpiration or breathing of the skin. This not only reduces the carbon emissions but also supports farmers and people who are spreading the green voice and eco-friendly initiative around the world. Going green is more than a lifestyle choice and it is a way to make an agenda of ecological and economic importance a major priority on a micro and macro scale. Necessary steps are being taken to obtain a sustainable format in all its stages, be it the procuring raw materials or manufacturing garments, and also considering its reverse cycle of managing the waste.

Eco friendly clothing is created from materials and resources that are environmentally friendly. These fabrics are cultivated fibers that are grown without any synthetic herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals, thus leading to environmentally friendly farming practices. Joy of Life garments in synergy with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) guidelines and Textile Exchange have proficiently amalgamated Natural dyes which conveniently forgo the toxicity towards Nature as well as concerning the Human body; it has formulated distinctive herbal dyes which are definite advantage over the Low Impact and Conventional Dyes. There is profound use of Ayurvedic herbal concoctions formulated from highly advantageous and health endorsing herbs like Neem and Tulsi (Holy Basil), Aloe Vera, Apple Cider Vinegar etc. which guarantees protective coverage to the skin which furthermore provides the virtues of health and hygiene, while at the same time keeps a wide variety of infections and ailments at bay.  This sustainable practice is a part of a larger initiative that not only helps in staying healthy with what you wear but also where you live. Organic Herbal clothing has a huge potential as a product because it is sustainable and friendly to the health of the planet, manufacturing and garment workers, and more importantly the consumers. Every action has a reaction. We have one planet; one chance. Let’s be conscious and revere where we dwell – Mother Earth!  

Written by : Dr. Sonica Krishan