Wednesday 16 November 2016

Joy of Life – Incorporating Natural Herbs in Organic Clothing

Hailing from close conjugation with Ayurveda, the oldest healing system of India, Organic Clothing, the herbal clothing creation from Joy of Life offers unsurpassed luxury, comfort and healthcare provision. When Joy of Life garments embrace the goodness of Ayurveda, this certainly envisions the use of clothing as a medium of healing. This is because when the body comes into contact with our organic clothes that have medicinal herbs infused into the fabric, the body tends to lose toxins and inevitably increases metabolism not only to prevent a number of diseases, but largely to stimulate overall wellbeing. 
Organic Herbal Garments: Joy of Life.

Joy of Life Organic Clothing is akin to the ancient Ayur- Vastra which is a Sanskrit term derived from the two words Ayur meaning Life and Vastra that means Clothing, thus put together when the healing goodness of Ayurveda binds into organic clothes, then the Organic Clothing that is produced expresses ‘Life Clothing’. Considering skin is the largest human organ that forms a protective shield for the entire body and acts as a barrier or resistance to external impurities, it needs all the more rationality to think twice before considering the garment for yourself and for the entire family. Organic Clothing improves the skin’s ability to resist environmental toxins, thus improving the wearer’s holistic health. A time-honored herbal conduct, Joy of Life Organic Clothing is an alternative for harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes used in textile industry.

Our organic garments, a product of ‘Advantage Organic Naturals Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’ are made from organic cotton fabrics which is infused with medicinal herbs that have healing properties and thus aids in preventing as well as providing remedial medium for various diseases like skin infections, various forms of cancer, psoriasis, asthma etc. Joy of Life Organic Clothing is carefully engineered in the process with 100% organic cotton that is completely hand loomed with zero chemical inputs  to prepare the cotton fibers for spinning and weaving. These organic cotton yarns are then dyed in combination with suitable herbal dyes which can be either simply skin friendly and provide a protective cover that enables immunity boost, or else provide beneficial synergy depending upon the disease or ailment being experienced. Joy of Life Organic Clothing is infused with combinations of different medicinal herbs like Neem, Tulsi, Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera etc. which are loaded with various healing properties which are released into the body, once the fabric is worn. For example, if we are looking at a fabric for sensitive skin that which safeguards from skin infections, then we can use the one that has been dyed with Neem. Also, in order to support a normal respiratory function and achieve an optimum health, fabrics infused with Tulsi are recommended. The fabrics dyed in the natural herb of turmeric are best worn for preventing problems such as arthritis and muscle pains.

Organic Clothing can be worn anytime such as sleeping, relaxing, exercising, during meditation or yoga, when our body is trying to heal itself naturally and maintain balance. While Organic Clothing has maximum benefits to offer, the Joy of Life garments are at their natural best. These Organic Herbal Clothes are extremely gentle to the skin and come in lovely natural and pastel colors. Long before the textile industry was industrialized, Organic Clothing was practiced in India, as a means of Ayurvedic advantages. The age-old concept has now revived and the sale of these garments has largely surged, with demands coming in from all across the world. No wonder why Joy of Life Organic Herbal Clothing may be rightly addressed as ‘a fabric that is inspired by the past, made for the future’.

Written by: Dr Sonica Krishan

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