Thursday, 17 November 2016

Joy of Life, Organic Herbal Wellness Garments helps in evading Pollution Hazards.

Although fashion and fabric go hand in hand, yet when the concern weaves around immediate concerns of health and wellness, it only leaves us to be all the more sceptical about anything and everything that virtually touches our body.  The latest and high scare hazard is pollution in the air which is on the rise, everywhere around us, and so are the vulnerabilities associated with it. The potential damage that these pollutants such as carbon monoxide, lead, sulphur dioxide, etc. can cause to our health, especially to the lungs, liver and the skin, is a serious and growing cause for concern. Over a period of time, they can cause a serious damage such as fibrosis, lung cancer and sometimes even a complete organ failure. Other problems might include infections in the respiratory tract, chronic bronchitis, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, skin allergies etc. Prevention, therefore, forms a major part of the cure and as far as possible; it is recommended to keep away from exposing ourselves to the pollution agents. But just how far can that this be prevented? Other than popping in the herbs internally, it makes all sense that we try and indulge in anointing our skin with the organic garments much in lieu with natural herbs. Joy of Life garments and inner wear brilliantly offers solution to these pollution agents owing to the active ingredients of Tulsi, Neem and Apple Cider Vinegar (Malic Acid) etc. finely blended in the garment fabric. The eco-friendly and green technology being used sparingly to treat the fabric 
Both Preventive and Curative Support!
Pollutant Emissions

Not foregoing the incredible healthcare benefits which provide not just curative, but preventive support as well. This is because these herb-infused and herb-dyed organic fabrics greatly help to ward off the potential, and some very serious, side effects of drawing in the polluted air, right through pores of the skin. With the active ingredients present in the skin friendly herbs of Neem, Tulsi and Apple Cider Vinegar (Malic Acid) renders therapeutic effect as and when the natural herbs touching the skin are significantly absorbed through the minute apertures on the skin. Whereas Joy of Life garments claims preventive upshot that keep you potentially free from the hazards of synthetic chemicals, artificial detergents and the environmental pollution, yet the restorative and curative assistance imbibed in the herbal treated material only authenticates the encouraging impact of safeguarding us from the discrepancies of the ongoing pollution menace. 

Written by: Dr Sonica Krishan

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