Thursday, 16 August 2018

Enliven is cost effective, green, truly sustainable value-addition for Mobiltech- technical textiles for automobiles, shipping, railways and aerospace

The upholstery of Automobiles, Railways, Aircrafts & Ships are often used by a large number of different people who use it time & again under harsh & deteriorating climatic conditions due to global warming effects, coming from vast backgrounds, locations and hygiene standards, carrying different kinds of bacteria & fungi, sweat & body odour and many times themselves suffering from different kinds of infections or ailments and these textile products are also prone to airborne pathogens.; which contaminate the Seat Covers and other upholstery items.

‘Joy of Life’, has come up with a revolutionary concept that caters to the usual cloth-based needs of various industries, only with a difference. ‘Enliven’ a mixture of neem, tulsi, pine needles & other healing herbs extracts which are on USFDA GRAS list and are scientifically proven to have anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-odour, anti-oxidant, insects & mosquito repellent properties; adding hygiene, skin-fortifying & wellness function to Apparels & all kinds of Technical Textile products!
This concept involves treating the specialized cloth material, often customized as per the needs of the client using low carbon footprint, green, patented technology in USA, Europe & India and many more pending globally. Meditech, Hometech, Protech, Sportech and Mobiltech are some of the numerous verticals of the same encompassing for imparting hygiene & wellness function for all kinds of attires and technical textile products. 
Mobiltech, as the name suggests, is basically assortment of technical textiles for automobiles, shipping, railways and aerospace. Under this vertical, the cloth material for various textile based requirements of the mobiltech is provided with the safest and one-of-its-kind hygiene, wellness and infection-control function. Enliven which excellently imparts hygiene & wellness function, also has the ability to disinfect the fabric and make it safe, infection-free and absolutely hygienic for use.  It will also drastically reduce the chances of Disease Transmission and improves the life & durability of the textiles in a truly sustainable manner without using any toxic or hazardous chemicals.
Joy of Life has state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing setup is in the very green & serene environment of Himalayas in Dev-bhumi Himachal Pradesh, India. Original, first of its kind, hygiene & infection control function for textiles is produced from completely biodegradable and renewable resources hence, absolutely eco-friendly. The cloth is provided with hygiene, skin-fortifying & wellness imparting purpose by Enliven, established after years of R&D in the labs of IIT Delhi, Himachal Pradesh University and the leading Textile Companies of India. It is this authentic treatment and herbal finishing of the textiles and apparels which infuses the quality of some selective and highly medicinal herbs like of neem, tulsi, pine needles & other healing herbs extract right into the core of the fabrics. Cloth thus produced ranks high on health, hygiene, comfort, durability as well as cost effectiveness. Also, it does no harm to the nature, while bringing loads of goodness and wellbeing to the end user. We have a truly sustainable, zero waste & low carbon footprint business model wherein we use only bio-degradable & renewable biotic raw material and shall also be earning carbon credits for the same
Owing to an increasingly growing user demand and a revolutionary concept to reckon with, the manufacturers in the mobiltech sector have proactively shown keen interest for our specialised innovative cure for fabrics, which are scientifically proven to have gained excellent anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-odour, anti-oxidant, insects & mosquito repellent properties
Joy of Life has a world class technical team in this domain which is continuously researching & developing innovative bio-material by bio-engineering herbs with scientifically proven hygiene function features in its endeavour & focus to have superiority over competitors & new innovative products development to capably help withstand the design, aesthetics and durability of the fabrics in order to meet the ever improving look and feel of the interiors of mobiltech industry 
Our revolutionary product Enliven treated textiles are bringing a dramatic change in the quality of fabrics being used, not only in the mobiltech industry, but also other diligence such as healthcare, hospitality, homeware, furniture and furnishing, etc. This initiative holds promise, since the demand for good quality, hygienic, health friendly and cost effective, green, truly sustainable value-additions for textiles is ever growing in the current scenario of the world.  
Written by : Dr sonica krishan 

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