Thursday 26 July 2018


Global warming, rising pollution and various other environmental hazards have brought about a host of health complications, especially those pertaining to the skin. Allergies, rashes, infections etc. are some common skin conditions which people worldwide are complaining more and more about. And these only can be controlled to a great extent if we ensure safety and hygiene furthermore as far as the apparels we wear and the fabrics we use in routine life.

Keeping this in mind, Joy of Life has come up with a ground-breaking innovation called Enliven, for imparting hygiene and wellness function in all kinds of apparels and technical textile products
At Joy of Life, we offer you the unsurpassed and truly sustainable hygiene function with unique and superior characteristics having excellent commercial practicality as well as potential. Fundamentally, we provide the safest and one-of-its-kind hygiene, wellness and infection-control function to a wide variety of technical textiles. Our technology has the ability to sanitize the fabrics, and make them safe, infection-free and absolutely hygienic for use. Various industries, such as those in the area of healthcare, homeware and furnishing, automobile, etc. are making successful use of our innovative technology. 
Hometech refers to Home Textiles and forms one of the essential verticals of technical textiles. As the name suggests, Hometech applies our innovative concept to textiles that are designed and manufactured especially for home usage, such as carpets, blinds, pillows and mattresses stuffed toys, furniture upholstery, stuffed toys, etc. The range of applications continues to expand as the concept of technical textiles in homeware is beginning to catch up among brands. Even Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) filters and non-woven wipes, etc. are being incorporated among the wide range of products being catered to by means of our innovative concept. 
Catering to hometech, you can definitely rely on us for disinfecting and adding hygiene functions in all kinds of textile products. Enliven incorporates essential herbals that are primarily Neem, Pine Needles, Tulsi & other healing herbs and makes your textile safe & effective in this categoryOur R&D involves a careful selection of herbs that have skin-fortifying properties and are especially known for an overall wellbeing. Neem and tulsi, for example, are two of the most commonly used herbs that promote both health as well as hygiene. Neem is one herb which has long been known for its unparalleled range of therapeutic properties. The Ayurveda system of medication and well-being absolutely swears by the immense benefits of this herb, as well as that of tulsi, also known as the Holy Basil. 
At Hometech, these herbs are then bio-engineered so as to make them suitable for applications in various areas such as home-use textiles, variety of apparels and daily - use products. Our services through Enliven, therefore, allows the infusion of these natural herbs providing fragrance, freshness as well as hygiene, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties deep into these textile
We believe in constantly observing the varying needs, concerns, and desires of our customers in the area of herbal, aseptic and natural finishing to the products, along with the global trends. That allows us to not only deliver exactly what is required, but do that by means that are absolutely hygiene fortifying and supporting. In fact, our deep concern for health and environment is precisely what makes our business model rank high on sustainability standards, and delivers on its promise of low carbon footprint and zero waste. The same also allows us to earn credit points for our manufacturing process, and gives our services an excellent commercial potential and viability. 
The concept of hygiene function is promising and has the full potential of becoming the next big thing in apparel and textile industry. It is a safe and effective alternative to those synthetically produced fabrics used not only in the home textiles, but practically in every segment of technical textile industry!

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