Tuesday 1 May 2018

  Joy of Life introduces, Enliven- an ideal value-addition for Khadi Clothing!

 Enliven- an ideal value-addition for Khadi Clothing

Khadi, the well-known and vastly worn India’s fabric has no doubt grown as part of our identity and as conclusive signature attire. Ever since the ‘Khadi’ essence came into being as Gandhiji promoted simplicity as social etiquette, khadi rapidly emerged and has very well propagated as Nation’s fabric. And while we live the attitude of wearing the hand-woven and hand-spun fabric, which is intricately spun into yarn on a spinning wheel called Charkha, we along with the whole world are awed by the versatility and authenticity this fabric holds! And steadily as the Khadi garment finds its way to designer boutiques and elite cognizance where ecofriendly and organic clothing brands have eventually provoked the basic understanding of being environmentally responsible in apparel selection; it makes all sense to be incorporating natural herbs into the fabric for sustained wellness merits.   

Joy of Lifehas developed Enliven- a Green, Low Carbon Footprint, Truly Sustainable, Patented Technology (USA, Europe & India) after years of R&D, tested to perfection in Technical collaboration with IIT Delhi (Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi). Enliven is a decoction of Neem, Tulsi & other healing herbs, which are scientifically proven to have Anti-microbial, Anti-fungal, Anti-odour, Anti-oxidant, Insects & Mosquito Repellent properties; which are deeply infused & bonded into the fibres using cross linking bio-polymer adding Hygiene, Skin-fortifying & Wellness Function to all your Textile Products! 
The Ayurveda counsels:
Neem as Sarva roga nivarini, which means “one that prevents all ailments”. 
The holy herb ‘Tulsi’– an elixir of life, which means a herb with numerous healing powers.
Enliven offers the perfect solution
  • Eliminates exposure to toxic chemical dyes on our skin as it creates a coating of healing herbs on the surface of the textiles
  • Enhances body’s natural resistance & healing powers effortlessly
  • Have active anti-microbial protection 24x7
  • Mosquitoes & Insects Repellent
  • Controls Body –odour
  • Antioxidant Advantage protects skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells.
  • Enliven is the safest Hygiene Solution for Mankind & the our Planet

Khadi has always been a fabric with immense outlook, which is now also becoming a fashion statement to create your own unique styles and providing yourself the all-natural feel. The application of Enliven with enormous healing power is therefore certain to take the khadi culture to an all new level with the imbibing of a concept called 'Herbal Khadi Fabrics'. The khadi textiles made from all kinds of raw materials such as of cotton, silk and wool would be substantially enhanced with natural charisma and health assurance, once these fabrics are being infused with healing herbs. This way a coating of these healing herbs is formed over the textiles substrates, the fabrics get instilled with all the natural goodness of the herbs, and the benefits remain intact. Now, when these super soft, comfy and naturally-processed fabrics come in contact with our skin, the largest organ of our body, health gains are unsurpassable. Whereas it is not recommended to wear the chemically dyed garments on a regular basis, the herbal coated garments gently cling to the skin in the softest and most harmless manner possible, allowing it to breathe, and take in the goodness of herbs, all at the same time!  
Written by: Dr. Sonica Krishan, Ayurveda Consultant, Author & Speaker

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