Friday, 17 March 2017

Unique advantages of Herbal Wear

It is evident that garments coloured with synthetic and chemical dyes are extremely harmful when they come in direct contact with our skin, as these could result in severe irritation and rashes, and may even cause skin allergies at times. On the other hand, organic garments treated with natural herbs offer preventive as well as curative benefits in the long run. Additional unique advantage of herbal wear includes boosting the hydration of your skin. It is understandable that whenever we perspire and the sweat dries, blocking the minute pores of our skin, the garment fibre also releases natural herbal compounds which interact with the skin's moisture making it supple, soft and enduring.
There are various natural plants and herbs that are being used in the fabric dyeing industry, and are prolifically gaining their fair share of popularity. These include pomegranate, aloe vera, neem, tulsi, apple cider vinegar, etc. Many of these herbs have shown favourable backing in providing preventive as well as curative support in wide variety of ailments like the skin diseases, ulcers, diabetes, urinary problems and even anaemia.
Unique Advantage of Herbal Wear...!

Herbs in Clothing?
Although these natural herbs have been largely used in medicines as well as in various home-remedies for a DIY self-healthcare management, now we furthermore have garments like clothes, scarves, bedding, underclothes, kids wear and everyday linen as some of the most used and sought after herbal apparels, demanded by people all across the world. Innovation continues to take place in order to make these garments as trendy and fashionable as possible so as to make them look and feel good to wear. Also, people can choose from these garments on the basis of their colour preference, or the healing properties of specific herbs that they desire to avail.

What are these herbs?
These natural herbs have consistently been appearing as ingredients in a variety of remedies and cosmetics available in the market. Let's run you through some of the most sought after herbs in demand in the organic herbal fabrics industry and are being effectively propagated in the manufacturing of Advantage Nature, Joy of Life, clothing.
Neem holds a strong position in the world of medication, and has been used since ages. Also known as universal tree, the neem tree leaves have long been used in the dyeing and blending into a large variety of fabrics, leaving behind an impressive shade of ivory or a gorgeous greenish tinge to the draperies. While it provides with the best of healthcare benefits, Neem also unveils unsurpassed skincare properties. Likewise, the use of neem, in any manner, does not have any side effects.
Tulsi is also reverently known as the Holy Basil. Its leaves are acknowledged to be much effective for the treating and curing bacterial and fungal infections. As a natural antibiotic, when used in treating the garment fabrics, the natural herb of Tulsi makes the clothes all the more pragmatic and health supportive.

Apple Cider Vinegar holds exceptional and advantageous polyphenols which give it the ability to prevent the growth of various chronic diseases such as cancers, diabetes, heart diseases etc., when used on a regular basis. Whereas, the consumption of ACV also helps in stimulating various cardiovascular activities and bowel functions, blending the same with organic fabric reinstates the healing virtues as external application.

Written by : Dr sonica krishan

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