Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Personal Care of Your Sensitive Parts with Herbal Clothing...!

Personal care and hygiene also touches our most sensitive body parts and it is rather imperative for each one of us to maintain cleanliness of the genital organs. Whereas hygiene and wellness makes us feel confident, this is also strong approval of our personal appearance. There are different ways to treat yourself with essential upkeep and use of herbal products is surely one available solution for the same. Another important aspect is wearing herbal garments. These apparels naturally safeguard your skin from harmful substances, and from toxins that are present in the air. Most often we don’t realize, but we passively consume the chemicals, by choosing synthetic clothes. Herbal textiles, on the other hand, make us feel comfortable and are essentially health promoting. These are a natural companion to ease your skin irritation, itching, allergies, or any risk of skin-braising. Thus arises the need to solemnly consider the underclothes that are continually embracing your skin. And when you wear organic innerwear amalgamated with natural herbs, the gains are surplus.

Personal Care

While these herbal undergarments keep infections at bay as these natural herbs tend to seep into your blood stream, they also provide you with health and hygiene cover and as well help to remove the impurities. 

Herbal mix in organic textiles tends to percolate into your body, and significantly benefit your health.This is because the underclothes that we wear are in close contact with our skin and the natural herbs in our clothes, would make their way through the skin pores to enter our blood stream. Thus if you choose to wear organic-made lingerie, you are naturally safe-guarding your skin.

Likewise for example, if you are wearing organic cotton fabric, with aloe vera applied on it, you could evade skin irritation. Similarly, if you are using a maternity brief annotated with the herb of Neem, then your lower abdomen would certainly be herbal-safe. Likewise, if you choose a tulsi upper wear, your heart would pump more effectively. Neem and tulsi are also natural mosquito repellants and moreover protect from urinary tract infections and eczema. This assortment of organic herbal briefs, vests and underclothing help considerably to reduce skin irritation, urinary infections and other risk of skin diseases and infections. Not only this, the anti-oxidant properties of the natural herbs would also keep your skin hydrated and the skin-cells breathing.  

Advantage Nature, Joy of life, has come up with organic herbal lingerie, innerwear and yoga wear with skin fortifying features and encapsulated with healing herbs, vitamins & aromas. Moreover, these organic herbal innerwear are treated with herbals & other bio-materials for anti-microbial, invigorating and moisture regulating properties. Not only are these undies ecological and easily maintainable, these also imbibe the best of USFDA approved natural herbs while evading use of any synthetic dyes or non-natural ingredients. 

Written by : Dr. Sonica Krishan.

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