Monday, 3 April 2017

Making the Right Choice!

Our genitals as well as anal area are the most sensitive regions in a human body which are rather disregarded in terms of maintaining overall health and hygiene. While females are generally deliberated to be extra cautious and careful in maintaining an overall hygiene, pertaining  to the fact that they are more susceptible to possible infections like skin allergies and itching, men also should not take the health of their intimate region for granted. 

It is lesser known that the sensitive area is essentially equipped to clean all by itself internally and you mainly need to take care of maintaining hygiene of the externally. Also, our body provides our genital region with a natural defence against pathogens - both bacteria and yeast.  Therefore, you would simply need gentle cleaning using a mild intimate skin-wash product with natural ingredients while evading fancy, chemical additives, and also be mindful when deciding for the inner clothing. 

Take Care and Make the Right Choice
Invest in clean, loose, natural and preferably organic cotton-based herbal underpants free of any toxic dyes or chemicals for regular wear. These allow the skin to breathe and just let be. Females should avoid inner wear that is made from synthetic fibres, nylon-tights, panty-hose, etc. as these prevent the air circulation and make the area more vulnerable to the growth of micro-bacteria. Likewise, men must give those tight-fitting briefs a break every now and then, and snug into organic cotton-based herbal boxers. 

Make sure to change your underpants daily, and if required, do not shy from changing them two to three times a day if you feel any signs of discomfort. Wearing the same undergarment for longer duration, however comfortable it may be, can lead to accumulation of unnecessary moisture and make the skin more susceptible to possible infections.

Refrain from wearing anything tight-fitting for longer durations, such as tight, un-comfy trousers, and for the ladies, those thongs, G-strings, etc. Also, it is absolutely important to wear comfortable organic cotton based underclothes in order to avoid our sensitive skin from rubbing directly against the cloth, thus resulting in rashes and irritation. 

Advantage Nature, Joy of Life, is gratified manufactures of under-clothing and lingerie with skin fortifying and wellness enhancing properties. All the organic herbal wear undies are precisely manufactured using biotechnology and bio-engineering applications with natural and organic herbal ingredients only. Another merit of the brand is that the clothing is essentially developed in technical collaboration with IIT Delhi. These ultimate luxury undergarments are soothing, comfortable, and hygienic with a healing touch for the most sensitive and delicate parts of the human body.  These garments, lingerie and inner wear have been aesthetically designed and meticulously developed particularly for providing both preventive and curative healthcare advantages to the sensitive inner organs.  This innerwear that is prepared with fusing the organic fibre with exceptional natural herbs like Neem, Tulsi, Aloe vera etc. imbibes the skincare virtues of being anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-itching at the same time. Not only this, with the distinction of maintaining fitness and cleanliness, these underclothes are progressively comforting, refreshing and also moisturizing.

Written by : Dr. Sonica Krishan 

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