Thursday 1 December 2016

Savor in Hygienic & Skin Fortifying, Joy of Life Wellness Garments

Joy of Life wellness garments are sophisticated and chic, not only as they leave you looking smart externally, but also because these attires offer huge healthcare assets. Infused with natural herbs of Neem, Tulsi, Aloe vera, Apple Cider Vinegar and other natural ingredients, these Joy of Life garments are sure to fortify your life with health and happiness.
Health and Wellness

These lifestyle wears, authentically host natural skincare and hygiene stimulating properties as the organic fabric is essentially encapsulated with herbal assistances and aromas. Not only this, the dyes used are entirely non-synthetic chemicals and non-toxic. You may go in for a premium wardrobe which has decent assortment of organic apparel for men, women, kids and the entire family and specifically for the sensitive and judicious consumer. 

Whereas health of the skin is a significant concern for many, likewise the user who is cautiously apprehensive about the cleanliness issues is common. The herbal dyed organic garments from the house of Joy of Life are astutely treated with natural herbals, which make them all the more eco-friendly, clinically impeccable and essentially non-toxic for your health and wellbeing. Joy of Life has patented outstanding and innovative processes of dying the organic fiber condensed with restorative herbs and fragrances. This fundamentally enables the fabric to stay bio-degradable, green, eco-friendly and free from artificial chemicals. 

Moreover, the healing herbs that are genuinely used to curate the clothing provide both preventive as well as curative cover to keep the skin sanitized and protected. These herbs are exceedingly anti- bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory agents. Apple Cider Vinegar is effectual natural support for saving from the fungal infections, perspiration control and to maintain natural pH of the skin. Neem has been certified to relieve skin ailments and also for keeping them at bay.

Ayurveda has since ancient times disseminated Neem to be highly relieving in wide variety of skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes, ring worm infection, skin itching and allergies. This is mainly owing to natural detoxifying properties that Neem holds. Similarly, Aloe vera and Tulsi are regarded to be beneficial for the skin due to their potent therapeutic accomplishments and skin fortifying benefits. 

Therefore, when the skin comes in contact with these herb-inculcated garments, it is sure to absorb the medicinal properties endowed therein. And in case you are equally cautious about hygienic properties being retained, then again the hygiene and skin fortifying properties of Joy of Life lifestyle wellness garments that are infused with herb concoctions and particularly encapsulated with healing herbs and aromas are there to relieve you. The natural fragrances and active ingredients present in the herbs which are micro-encapsulated in the garments make the skin to readily detox and thus empowers with hygienic overhauling of the skin. With this distinctive feature offered by Joy of Life Garments, to prevent and cure the skin by actually wearing the medicinal herbs, you are sure to amplify both health and hygiene!  

Written by : Dr Sonic Krishan

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