Friday 9 December 2016

Goodness of Joy of Life Organic Herbal Garments!!

Joy of life incorporates the best of Organic Herbal Garments. These are reasonably pocket- friendly and there is no trace of chemicals. Whereas this assorted selection of herbal clothing is highly useful for one and all, all the more our distinction lies in providing healthcare protection shield to the most sensitive organs of the human body, in both males and females.

Joy of Life uses its in-house technology which is impact-free and caters to only organic garments amalgamated with completely natural and herbal ingredients. Whereas our organic herbal garments provide 100% purity and healthcare to the consumer, these eventually also portray positive impact on the environment. This is mainly because the organic manure that is derived from the residue and herbal organic wastes from processing of the fibre is actually a bio-manure which precisely nourishes the Mother Earth.

You Can check for Yourself
Joy of Life organic herbal garments are processed and manufactured in complete lucidity and this is again a big advantage because you can visit the unit and check for yourself that the ingredients that are being used are organic fibre and pure herbs. The entire process of manufacturing and processing the organic herbal garment is completely transparent. What else would convince you better than a visit at the factory premises of Joy of Life herbal organic garments!

 Audience Conviction
We are confident to provide you with the best of the best experience and familiarity with our Joy of Life organic herbal garments. This is largely because we use the green technology catering to CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) which bids numerous merits. Whereas our technology efficiently reduces the carbon credit, it also provides with low carbon foot print and will eventually earns carbon credits.

How we stand Apart?
Our distinction lies in the fact that making of the Joy of Life is not using the conventional wisdom and methodology, yet we are the premiere brand of the organic herbal garments which asserts the ancient healthcare wisdom of natural herbs and uses the knowledge of scientific methods of Biotechnology.
Proclaimed Safety Measures
The safety measures are also well taken care of. Joy of Life organic herbal clothing is methodically processed and manufactured with Natural herbs that provide effective skin care and protection cover from wide variety of diseases. We blend the natural herbs of Neem and Tulsi (Holy Basil), which are proclaimed health saviours in Ayurveda, our ancient science of healing; and provide binding of lignin and tannins. Also other effective and nontoxic natural herbs of turmeric, catechu, Manjishtha and Harad are our significant herbal ingredients which we blend with organic fibre. Not only this, Anar Chilka or the Pomegranate grind, which is believed to be the carrier of skin fortifying properties is another imperative natural constituent used in the processing of our Joy of Life organic herbal garment.

Joy of Life organic herbal garments for All Age-Groups

Joy of Life organic herbal garments are indeed bonus for all age-groups, right from the toddlers to the senior generation. While, generally all would feel the comfort and security of herbal enclosure while using our clothing, it may be emphasized that the toddlers, who are in the habit to suck or chew on the clothing, can actually be comforted. This is because the subtle paste that they could lick on to our Joy of Life organic herbal garments is highly safe as we use only edible grade herbs in our kidswear range. 

Written by : Dr. Sonica Krishan.

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