Thursday, 2 February 2017

Organic Herbal Clothing helps in Alignment of Chakras for Healing & Healthcare

Ever thought of this? – The seven chakras in our body which are the linked energy foundations that stimulate and balance mystical as well as sensitive manifestation of energy and vitality, could be so get easily disturbed? This is because every small artifact that touches us, invariably affects our physical as well as mental permanence. This is another opinion of concern because consciously or unconsciously, every day we empower and energize our chakras which are essentially the centers of healing within us.
The Seven Chakras

Even as we drape in our choice garments, if we are not mindful of the material that touches our skin, then this could be doing more harm than good. Now think of this - Your clothing could also assist you in balancing of your chakras. Dressing is invariably your own creative sense, and so is the choice of materials and colors. But when you go in for organic clothing, it essentially invigorates positive energy within you. If you are wearing comfortable organic chemical-free clothes, you are bound to feel vibrant as these garments also act as positive agents. Not only this, these clothes also minimize the risk of infections, burns, wounds, allergies, itching etc. And when we decisively imbibe natural herbs along with organic herbal ingredients, these eventually activate the chakras, and in the long run bring in balance and connection into our lives.

While we understand that our garments influence our mood, mind and energy transfer, we must also know that natural herbs amalgamated in the fiber of organic clothing goes step further. These natural herbs aid in energizing and balancing the chakras and to cleanse and release any negative energies that associates with body ailments and our mental and inert strengths.

Because in the case of organic herbal clothing, in addition to be organically secure, the herbs also enter blood stream and mix in the blood. Medicinal properties of herbs like Neem help remove impurities from the blood, herbs like Tulsi aids in boosting your digestion and immunity, hence acting on and restoring the chakras. Similarly, if your gut health is good, so will be your mental health and this would perpetually harmonize the chakras. Moreover, the blood purification and stress releasing effect of the herbs represent the chakras to be in upright healthiness. Hence, we can comprehend that the natural herbs broadly boost our physical, mental and emotional health, and propel the body systems in good shape.

This makes Advantage Nature’s Joy of Life garments exceedingly indispensable and valuable as this organic, herbal clothing reflects a healthy balance of yin and yang energies while principally supporting alignment and balance of the seven chakras. Whereas these garments help awaken the chakras owing to the natural herbs instigated in their fabric, this organic, herbal wear also delivers immense spiritual, physical as well as emotional benefits

Written by : Dr. Sonica krishan 

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